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US Man Accused Of Eating Murder Victim’s Face Claims He Was “Possessed”



Czech was arrested and later booked into jail for open murder.

In a horrific incident, a murder suspect has been accused of killing another man at a bus stop before allegedly eating parts of his face, New York Post reported. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LVMD) shared in a news release that a physical altercation broke out between two men at around 4:44 a.m. on Sunday, April 28 in front of a business in Las Vegas’ art district. 45 minutes later, cops received a call from a witness who said a man was on top of another man at a bus stop ”eating” his face.

When police arrived at the scene, they found 29-year-old Colin Czech kneeling next to the victim with ”biological matter in his hair, mouth and on his clothing,” documents said. Czech reportedly told officers the victim had attacked him.

The victim, identified by the broadcaster as Kenneth was taken to hospital after suffering a large cut to his face and missing an eye and an ear.

”He was later pronounced deceased by medical personnel,” police added.

Czech was arrested and later booked into jail for open murder. He claimed he was homeless, had been awake for ”five days straight” because he was ”possessed” and that Kenneth had attacked him.

He used his ”teeth to eat (Kenneth’s) eyeballs and ears,” he told investigators, the documents said.

Czech did not appear for an initial hearing on Monday but did show up on Wednesday to be arraigned.

”I’ve spoken to him, and I’ve determined that he is incompetent,” Chief Deputy Public Defender David Westbrook said during a brief court hearing Wednesday morning.

His case is now on hold while he undergoes treatment, News 3 Las Vegas reported.

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