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US Musician’s “Foolproof” Resume Hack That Got Her 3 Part-Time Jobs



Cami Petyn said a friend’s suggestion helped her get three part-time jobs.

A US-based musician landed herself three part-time positions by ingeniously bypassing tech systems with a “dystopian” resume hack. According to a report in the New York Post, Cami Petyn applied to 65 job vacancies in her quest for employment. However, she failed to land even a single interview. 

Then a friend’s suggestion helped her get three part-time jobs, Ms Cami explained in a TikTok video.

Offering context, Ms Cami said: “Did I girl boss too close to the sun and now not only have one, not two, but three part-time jobs? I did.”  She further revealed that she was so worried that she would have to sell her things and move if she didn’t find a job while she focused on her music career.

Ms Petyn added, “I was terrified a couple of weeks ago. I applied to probably 65 jobs and wasn’t hearing anything back.”

Fortunately, one of her friends shared “a hack that’s incredibly dystopian” to secure job interviews “left and right,” the New York Post quoted her as saying.

Detailing the same, Ms Cami said, “I guess because we actually live in a dystopia out of a Philip K. Dick novel, AI is causing a lot of us to not get jobs, besides in the recession, AI is partially to blame.”

Ms Petyn revealed that a few companies use artificial intelligence to help pre-screen applications before they reach HR personnel.

She explained in a video shared on April 25 that AI may deem applicants unfit if their resumes aren’t formatted in an AI-friendly manner. To counter this, she proposed candidates highlight the entire job description from online listings and paste it onto their resumes to make them “foolproof” and AI-friendly.  Ms Petyn said, “The problem is AI will say you’re not a good fit if it can’t read the résumé if the formatting isn’t AI friendly.”

In a bid to deal with “pesky AI bots”, the candidates should go to the online listing and “highlight the entire job description” before copying and pasting it onto their resume, she explained. Then the font size must be made as small as possible, before turning the ink white.

While this would make the text naked to the human eyes, AI can effortlessly recognise these hidden words.

Ms Petyn revealed that the AI system aims to read every keyword it is programmed to detect and allow the applicants’ resumes to be selected and sent to the next step in the hiring process.

Ms Petyn said, “This does mean who have to alter your resume for every job you apply to which heavily sucks. But you know what sucks more, panicking about not having a job.”

She concluded by saying, “As I said, I applied to like 65 jobs and wasn’t hearing anything back and I started doing this dystopian ass s–t and it worked and I’m very, very grateful.”

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