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US partially suspends ammunition shipments to Israel, media reports say | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News



Multiple US media outlets have reported that US President Joe Biden’s administration has partially suspended shipments of ammunition to Israel.

Political news website Politico said the delivery of two types of precision bombs has been put on hold. It reported, “This appears to be the first time the US administration has delayed a potential weapons sale for Israel” since Hamas’s attack on the country in October of last year.

The news website quoted a US official as saying that the suspension of ammunition shipments is aimed at sending “a political message to Israel.”

The United States has consistently provided military support to Israel. But it is urging Israel to protect civilians amid growing criticism at home and abroad over the increasing number of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip.

White House national security spokesperson John Kirby was asked by a reporter on Tuesday about the suspension of ammunition shipments.

He said he does not talk about individual shipments of US military aid, but that nothing has changed regarding the US commitment to Israel’s security.

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