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US Teacher, 26, Arrested For Sexually Abusing Teenager She Met In Church



She was put on administrative leave in February.

A teacher from the United States has been arrested for sexually abusing a teenager she met at an Arkansas church, as per a report in the New York Post. Twenty-six-year-old Reagan Gray was arrested earlier this month after it became apparent that she had been abusing the 15-year-old since 2020 while volunteering at the Little Rock Immanuel Baptist Church.

According to court documents, the boy’s parents reported the woman to a senior pastor at the church after finding several text messages on their son’s phone at the time. She “bombarded” the teen with nude photos, according to the investigation.

While receiving counselling, the woman, who worked as a teacher at Little Rock Christian Academy, was suspended from her volunteer role for telling church officials that the relationship was not “physical.” Later, in February this year, it emerged that the 26-year-old had been texting the 15-year-old on Snapchat.

According to court records, the teenager told the federal officials that Gray had given him oral sex but that they avoided intercourse so he could “stay pure.” Gray’s car or house was the scene of the alleged abuse, which the victim claimed happened about a dozen times.

A church leader told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Gray had confessed during a counselling session in 2023 that “the relationship was sexual.” Amid the handling of the charges, the church leader resigned earlier this month.

Amid the probe, Gray, who is still employed at Sylvan Hills Middle School, was put on administrative leave in February. Following the issuance of an arrest warrant, she was charged with sexual assault. Later, she was released on a $20,000 bail

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