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Video: American Tennis Star Taylor Fritz Pukes in the Middle of a Match in a Physically Taxing Contest in Acapulco



In a grueling 3-hour and 25-minute semifinal battle at Princess Mundo Imperial in Acapulco, Mexico, American tennis player Taylor Fritz fell to his compatriot Tommy Paul. Fritz experienced an unfortunate turn of events, as he was seen vomiting in a basket at 6-5 in the third set during his match in the Mexican Open. The match ended with a close finish, with Paul edging out Fritz in a tie-breaker, but the image of Fritz vomiting on the court has left fans concerned and curious about the incident.

Fritz, the No. 3 seed in the tournament, fought hard throughout the match against No. 7 seed Paul, saving a match point at 6-3, 5-4 on Paul’s serve before leading 3-1 in the third set. However, his efforts were cut short when he suddenly vomited on court. The incident left fans and commentators speculating about what could have caused the sudden illness and whether it impacted his performance in the match.

Taylor Fritz loses his stomach trying to keep up with Mexico


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While vomiting during a match is not a common occurrence in tennis, it is not unheard of. Many factors can contribute to nausea and vomiting during physical activity, including dehydration, heat exhaustion, gastrointestinal issues, and even stress or anxiety. In Fritz’s case, it is unclear what caused his sudden illness, but the image of him vomiting on the court has left fans wondering about his health and well-being.


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As the Tennis TV reports, Fritz walked off before a serve and steadily guided himself into the far corner of the court. He headed towards the bucket so that he could get it all out without making a mess.

Despite the disappointing end to his tournament, Fritz has been praised for his resilience and sportsmanship throughout the match. He fought hard against Paul, who himself admitted that it was never going to be an easy match against Fritz.

While talking about the (stomach) upsetting incident, Paul remarked, “Obviously he got up a break in the third there and it felt weird. Like I started feeling my body a little bit and doing some weird serves, I don’t know if he loved it. I don’t know if something happened with his stomach too. I think I got a little lucky there that we both were struggling and not just me”.

The two players battled it out for over three hours, and both were visibly exhausted by the end of the match.

What does it mean for Fritz and Paul?


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The incident was particularly unfortunate for Fritz, who was on the cusp of winning the match against Paul. The American had been fighting hard and had a chance to win the match, but the sudden illness seemed to take a toll on him, and he eventually lost in the tie-breaker. The defeat will also cost him his Top 5 ranking, as he is set to drop down the rankings next week.


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Paul will now face the winner of the match between Dane Holger Rune and Alex De Minaur in the final of the Mexican Open.

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