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“What an embarrassment” – NFL Fans lose their mind over Travis Kelce’s American Girl Skit on SNL



Travis Kelce added his name to the list of NFL stars who’ve hosted SNL recently and put on a great performance during the show. In the show, he was in an American Girl skit, wearing a pink suit with a bow tie. Kelce was accompanied by two dolls as employees and patrons questioned his behavior.

NFL fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the skit involving the Kansas City Chiefs star. Fans were split on the American Girl skit as some questioned why the tight end would agree to do it:

@nbcsnl American Girl skit, ewe! What an embarrassment. Kelce why?

However, there were other fans who enjoyed Kelce’s performance in the skit:

Warning: NSFW language

Travis Kelce just had one of the greatest snl skits ever. American girl cafe

Travis Kelce on SNL tonight was better than expected. We have no clue how he kept a straight face through that American Girl Doll Cafe skit.

My first thought was there’s a good chance the entire locker room is wallpapered with pictures of Kelce from that skit…

I feel like if a picture of Travis Kelce and his American Girl dolls with the quote, “Don’t worry, she’s on the pill,” isn’t plastered all over the locker room, his teammates aren’t doing their job. 😂

Besides the American Girl skit, Travis Kelce also received acclaim for his performance in another bit. He also starred in a skit entitled “Please Don’t Destroy — Self-Defense.” Here, the two-time Super Bowl winner plays the character Curt Lightning, who leads a class about being confident.


The skit includes a game of Russian roulette with an old woman and some serious punches thrown by Kelce.

Travis Kelce roasts both himself and Patrick Mahomes in his opening monologue

Travis Kelce came onto the SNL stage to a few boos, discussing his second Super Bowl. He acknowledged his nerves and showed a clip of himself during a Chiefs game scolding his teammates and asking them to do more.

He talked about his family as his parents and brother Jason were in attendance. The camera cut to Jason a few times in the crowd and he did not look too happy. The Chiefs star mentioned a failed reality show he was on called “Catching Kelce.” He’s honest about the show’s failure, which gets a smile and some laughs from Jason.


Kelce added that he used to watch SNL with his mom when he was growing up. The four-time All-Pro also mocked his teammate, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, in a Kermit the Frog voice. We’ll see if Kelce’s teammates have fun with him and his performance on the show.

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