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World Book Day 2024 – Read book to harness your zodiac energy – Times of India



World Book Day is an important cultural occasion observed on a global scale to support publishing, reading, and the copyright protection of intellectual property. April 23 is designated as World Book Day every year. UNESCO selected this date in 1995 as a way to honour notable writers who passed away on April 23, 1616, including Miguel de Cervantes, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, and William Shakespeare.
Reading Books to Reprogram Subconscious Mind
The benefits of reading books are numerous, with positives that include health, psychological, intellectual, and emotional gains.
Read a Book to Harness Zodiac Energy
As per principles of Quantum Numerology, every zodiac sign and its ruling planets & numbers are carriers of an energy field referred to as the Quantum Aura of that sign/number.
Reading book which suits the energy of that zodiac sign assists the human being in harnessing the positives of that zodiac sign as well:
Reading high-energy adventure novels or action-packed thrillers that keep them on the edge of their seat would be a great way for Aries, who are an energetic and brave sign, to enjoy themselves. For someone born under this fiery sign, reading books about heroes who go on exciting adventures or take on treacherous challenges would be an extremely fulfilling experience.
Taurus is a sign that has a strong sense of history and tradition, and they take pleasure in the more refined aspects of life. The ideal book for them would be a well-written historical fiction story that allows them to be transported to a different time and location, and that is full with vivid descriptions and detailed information.
Thinking is something that Geminis enjoy doing, and a cunning mystery that keeps them guessing or a science fiction story that provokes thought is the perfect fit for their inquisitive nature. They appreciate reading books that present them with intellectual challenges and provide them with exciting twists and turns.
Cancers, who are emotionally and intuitively sensitive, would find a great deal of satisfaction in reading novels that investigate human feelings and relationships. Novels that are soft and romantic and that touch the heart would resonate well with them, as would family tales that span multiple generations.
The Leo personality type is drawn to dramatic and narrative works in which they are able to completely submerge themselves in the grandeur or regality of the environment. The attention of a Leo would be captivated by works of fiction that feature high stakes and big themes, as well as fantasy novels that feature intricate worlds.
Virgos value accuracy and attention to detail. If they were to read a detective novel that required them to pay close attention to events that were meticulously depicted, or if they read realistic fiction that delves into the complexities of ordinary life, they would be highly engaged.
Libras have a strong sense of aesthetics and fairness, and classic literature, with its rich words and balanced tales, appeals to their refined tastes. Libras in general have a strong sense of fairness. It is also possible that they prefer reading romance novels that center on relationships and maintaining emotional equilibrium.
Deep dives, whether they be into the human psychology, mysteries, or the otherworldly, are how Scorpios like to spend their time. It is highly likely that they would take pleasure in reading a dark psychological thriller or a complicated mystery that delves into the more sinister aspects of human nature.
Books that offer a journey, whether it be a literal journey like a travel memoir or a metaphorical journey like historical experiences that stretch across cultures and ideologies, would be ideal for the sign of Sagittarius, which is known as the traveler of the zodiac.
There is a regard for success and discipline among Capricorns, who are ambitious. Inspiring material could include a biography that describes the life and struggles of a successful figure, as well as practical guides that could assist the individual in either their personal or professional life.
The Aquarians are forward-thinking individuals who frequently take pleasure in pondering the future. Their imaginative and intellectual sides would be stimulated by science fiction, particularly when it deals with themes of dystopia, utopia, or revolutionary technologies.
They are the dreamers, the Pisces. Books that explore mystical and surreal realities, as well as those that use poetic language, would appeal to their appreciation for beauty and their curiosity about the more mysterious aspects of the universe.
This article is written by, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist, Energy Healer, Music Therapist, Life & Relationship Coach, NumroVani

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