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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Prepare to chase your wildest dreams | CBC Life



Prepare to reconnect with your senses at the start of this week. On Monday, love-and-beauty-ruling Venus will enter grounded Taurus, encouraging us to look at the world through fresh eyes. Throughout the next three weeks of this transit, we may also find ourselves placing more value on stability and loyalty in our relationships. Just watch that you don’t become overly possessive of the people in your life during this period. If you catch yourself acting clingy or domineering, take it as an opportunity to offer your loved ones some space. 

Then, when bold Mars moves into courageous Aries on Tuesday, you could be filled with the confidence to tackle anything in your path. This transit is known to activate our competitive spirit and throw our ambition into overdrive, helping us chase our wildest dreams. But while this desire to win at all costs can be intoxicating, try to avoid slipping into selfish, hot-headed or arrogant behaviour. It’s important that you continue to hold yourself accountable for your actions. 

You’ll be wise to pay close attention to power dynamics in your relationships as deep-feeling Venus squares transformative Pluto later on Tuesday or early Wednesday, depending on your time zone. This aspect can highlight rifts that may be brewing with the people we hold dearest. If you find yourself getting frustrated with someone you love, don’t be afraid to take a step back to identify your feelings and analyze where they might be coming from. 

Later on Wednesday, the intuition-ruling moon will wane into her third quarter in independent Aquarius, shifting our focus away from our emotions and toward self-empowerment. This lunation can also help us evaluate our personal projects and figure out how we can get them across the finish line. Just do your best to keep your eyes on the prize and complete what you’ve already started, as you could find it tempting to chase new ideas during this time. 

Finally, when Pluto — the planet of death and rebirth — stations retrograde in forward-thinking Aquarius on Thursday, we could get a sneak peek of a new era. On a collective front, this transit will urge us to examine how we can better connect with humanity through technology and innovation. On a personal level, it’ll be an ideal time to do some deep internal work. Use this moment to really face your shadow self, mull over your past actions and start making positive changes to the way you operate. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 29, 2024.


You deserve a little treat for all your hard work lately, Aries. So don’t hesitate to splurge on a few creature comforts you’ve been eyeing as Venus moves into Taurus at the top of this week. You might even be able to score a deal if you do some comparison shopping. Meanwhile, this could be an ideal time to bolster your overall sense of financial security. If you’re in a relationship, you may feel motivated to combine your assets with your partner or start working toward a shared investment goal. Single rams are encouraged to get more familiar with their finances so they can build confidence and begin taking risks that excite and empower them.  


A new stage of your metamorphosis is about to begin, Taurus. And this week, you’ll be called to take a step back to really evaluate your beliefs, values and inner workings. Allowing yourself to withdraw from the world will help you get more in tune with your intuition, but you could also be confronted with old ideas and behaviours in the process. Try to be gentle with yourself when reflecting on your past and remember: self-improvement is not linear. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to carve out more time for yourself in the mornings. Spending a few extra moments getting ready could elevate your mood and help you make a lasting impression on others. 


Does it feel like you’re spreading yourself too thin, Gemini? This week, you’re invited to press pause so you can really assess whether you’ve been giving your power away of late. Listen to your intuition as you start to re-evaluate where you’ve been spending your energy; you could discover new ways of doing things that free up more of your time. Come mid-week, it could seem like the clock is ticking in regard to certain financial obligations. Try to avoid distractions and stay on target with your original plans — exploring new methods or suggestions at this point could steer you away from progress. 


Prepare to fill your world with friendship, Cancer. Starting now and throughout the next few weeks, you’ll be in the mood to emerge from your crab shell and let your social side out. Try to avoid pressuring yourself to host a big bash, and invite your nearest and dearest over for some quality time instead. Meanwhile, when it comes to your career, be ready to take a big swing and claim the recognition you desire. Your charms can help you navigate relationships within your network with ease this week — just be sure to stay mindful of how you present yourself when speaking about your passions. 


No one can dull your shine, Leo. Starting now and throughout the next few weeks, you’ll be oozing charisma, polish and professionalism, which is sure to make your star rise at work. Use this precious time to impress your peers and colleagues, and seek out networking opportunities that can help you reach your goals faster. This is an ideal moment to make moves to elevate your career or change jobs. However, you may also notice that pouring more of your energy into your work begins to cause friction with your loved ones. Make an effort to listen to their concerns so that you can find the best way forward. 


Adventure calls, Virgo. Beginning now and throughout the next few weeks, you could have the impulse to book a vacation, go back to school or explore new skills and languages that you’ve been curious about. Just be ready to dish out a little extra cash as you fill your calendar with activities and classes that feed your hungry mind. You could also find your powers of observation are amplified throughout this period, helping you better understand your connections. Use what you learn to work on establishing more balance in your relationships, whether they’re familial, romantic or platonic. 


Are you ready to commit, Libra? Starting now and throughout the next few weeks, you could be asked to take things to the next level in relationships of all kinds. If you’re prepared to do so but need a little help building up your courage, remember that sharing your power with others will only amplify your efforts, allowing you to accomplish amazing things together. Meanwhile, if you’re in a romantic or business partnership, a disagreement regarding your shared resources could highlight a larger issue that needs reviewing. Use this as an opportunity to recalibrate and seek common ground. 


Partnership can be a game changer, Scorpio. You’ll have a chance to see this firsthand as your relationships become a top priority from now through the next few weeks. Seize this moment to strengthen and celebrate your connections in love, friendship and business. If you’re single, perhaps you’ll even be ready to open your heart to someone new. Meanwhile, those in relationships may feel compelled to give their partner more of their attention. Enjoy carving out some quiet time together. Then, mid-week, you could have a disagreement with your loved ones over shared responsibilities. Consider how letting others take the lead may speed up your progress. 


Have you started your spring cleaning yet, Sagittarius? This week will offer you a beautiful chance to bring more harmony to your surroundings at home and at work. Tending to your spaces could even help you clear out more room for passion projects and play. Meanwhile, you could find yourself in an ultra collaborative mood and eager to lend a hand to anyone who asks. Just ensure that you conserve enough energy to be able to tackle your own responsibilities. It’s easy to get off task and lose momentum under this energy; remember what you’re trying to accomplish. 


Are you ready to get back in touch with your playful side, Capricorn? Starting now and throughout the next few weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to squeeze more enjoyment out of your career — but first you’ll have to transform your ideas about what’s possible. Opening yourself up to fresh ways of thinking could set you on a professional path you never even knew existed. If you’re happy in your current position, this energy might inspire you to experiment with new ideas and projects at work. Have fun exploring your options. Then, when you’re off the clock, don’t hesitate to indulge in domestic pleasures. 


Are you prepared to take a trip down memory lane, Aquarius? Starting now and throughout the next few weeks, you could begin to feel incredibly nostalgic and eager to reminisce about the past with your loved ones. Have fun revisiting your shared history together; you may even find that doing so inspires you to reinvest your time with the people who matter most. Come mid-week, a conflict between your personal and professional responsibilities could arise, forcing you to adjust your schedule and consider which goals are really worth pursuing. Allowing yourself this time to reflect can help your true priorities come into focus. 


Do you have money on your mind right now, Pisces? Starting now and throughout the next few weeks, you’re encouraged to really reflect on your skills, talents and innate value. Once you’ve taken stock of your personal assets and reaffirmed your ability to generate wealth, you’ll be feeling rich. Still, it’s important to be mindful of your spending during this period, as you may also feel tempted to go a little overboard when shopping. Do your best to steer clear of impulse purchases and spend some extra time making educated decisions before you reach for your wallet.

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