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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Tune into your instincts — and follow them with gusto | CBC Life



This week, the skies will be relatively quiet. But the two cosmic events that do take place promise to work productively in tandem, calling us to tune into our instincts — and follow them with gusto.

On Monday or Tuesday, depending on your time zone, the spirit-driving sun in reliable Taurus will sextile disciplined Saturn in imaginative Pisces, creating the perfect conditions for us to start gathering inspiration and working toward our dreams. This aspect can help us map out big-picture ideas and determine where our energies can best be spent. Seize this moment to summon your drive and begin tackling your most challenging projects; hard work is often rewarded when the sun and Saturn team up. 

Then, on Tuesday night or early Wednesday, the habit-ruling moon will begin a new cycle in grounded Taurus, inviting us to meditate on areas in our lives where we must grow in order to thrive. Use this lunation to focus on how you can cultivate more stability, beauty and abundance in your world. It’s a brilliant time to sow new seeds so you can start to steadily manifest what’s lacking in your life. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, May 6, 2024.


Think big, Aries. This week, your creative mind and empathetic heart will be working in harmony, allowing you to harness your unique skills to give back to your community in new ways. You may feel compelled to lend your talents to a charity or cause that’s close to your heart; determine who you’d like to team up with so you can start making a difference together. Meanwhile, on the domestic front, you could find yourself mulling over certain changes to your physical space. While it may be tempting to splurge on eye-catching items, now is the time to adjust your spending and budget so you can manifest the bigger picture changes that you seek.


A casual conversation with friends could inspire you to dive headfirst into a new interest this week, Taurus. Just be sure to listen to your instincts, do your research and consider just how much of your time you’re really willing to invest before you get in too deep. Remember: educating yourself may require diligence, but it will ultimately be rewarding. Meanwhile, after a period of significant self-transformation, you may feel as though you’re almost ready to emerge from your chrysalis. As you prepare to step out into the world again, set an intention to show up authentically and with confidence. 


Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality, Gemini? You’ve got the potential to make magic happen this week — if you can pair your imagination with your ambition. So gather your courage and begin mapping out a plan for how you’ll accomplish your wildest goals; you could even end up kickstarting a new career venture in the process. Meanwhile, you might find your financial intuition is heightened, helping you become more aware of how money flows in and out of your life. Take advantage of this insight to start reacquainting yourself with your resources and implementing a plan that’ll allow you to access the abundance you desire. 


Invest in your ideas this week, Cancer. Big things will be possible if you can find a way to align your passion with your experience. Still, you’ll need to put in some serious planning and effort in order to cross the finish line. Let your excitement fuel your fire and don’t hesitate to lean on your loved ones for support as you seek to pursue your dreams more meaningfully. Meanwhile, if you’ve been feeling as though your personal support system could use a little strengthening, it may be a good time to think about expanding your network. Set an intention to meet new people who can help you tap into your imagination. 


Don’t hesitate to share your ideas this week, Leo. If you’re willing to let others in on your grand plans, you could end up finding the perfect person to collaborate with on your next big project. So use your keen judge of character to identify people with personalities that complement your own, and get ready to hit the ground running together. Meanwhile, you could find yourself mulling over a larger adjustment to your professional path. Tapping into your support network could help you to expand your reach as you consider your next move; be ready to put your best foot forward.


Itching to break out of your usual routine, Virgo? This will be a beautiful week to start planning a getaway or adventure with your favourite people. Channel your enthusiasm to get the ball rolling so you can finalize all the details in advance and focus on making memories that’ll last a lifetime. Meanwhile, if you find that your quick mind is craving a new challenge, consider shaking up your day-to-day by trying out new activities. Learning a different language, taking a class or committing to a creative project can all be great ways to liven up your schedule while leveling up your skills. 


You can accomplish just about anything you set your mind to, Libra. Remember that if you’re tasked with figuring out some solutions for your domestic world this week. Don’t hesitate to take charge as you use your critical thinking skills to turn challenges into easily solvable problems; your ability to lead can help steer the ship toward a brighter tomorrow. Meanwhile, on the career front, you could be called to read between the lines a little to determine where — and with whom — you should be spending your time and energy. Harness this skill to start planning your next move now.


Partnership will be an important theme for you this week, Scorpio. So take this opportunity to spend some time meditating on what you really value in your relationships. Looking inward can help you clarify what you want in matters of love, business and friendship — and how to find it in your connections moving forward. On the work front, this could be a particularly good moment to team up with someone you trust. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm with a trusted colleague and see where it takes you; your shared experiences could provide the blueprint for a compelling new project. 


Do you consider yourself handy, Sagittarius? A little elbow grease could go a long way this week, especially if you’ve been mulling over some ambitious projects for your home. This will be an excellent time to break ground, and by doing some of the work yourself, you may even be able to cut costs. Just ensure you’re managing your expectations when it comes to what you can accomplish. Meanwhile, if you’ve been looking to commit to a new routine or healthy habit, this could also be an ideal time to set that plan into action. While taking that first step can often be the hardest part, promising yourself that you’ll keep going will help you cross the finish line. 


Don’t be afraid to open up this week, Capricorn. Chatting with others about the things that bring you joy can help unlock doors in your mind and allow you to find new ways of expressing yourself. Who knows? You could discover a new outlet for your artistic ability and pick up some impressive skills in the process. On the relationship front, this week will be a wonderful time to plant new seeds for romance to blossom. If you’re single, be ready to put yourself out there and seek out people who’ll value your beautiful soul. Meanwhile, attached Capricorns can spice up their relationships by incorporating more play into their days. 


Want to make some long-lasting changes to your space, Aquarius? Now could be an ideal week to break ground. But first, you’ll be wise to run your plans by someone you really trust, as they could help you get a more realistic understanding of what’s actually possible within your budget and time frame. Staying open to outside advice will keep things moving forward as you work to create your dream space. This could also be a good week to tend to any spring cleaning tasks you may have missed. Taking time to declutter and clear out the cobwebs could go a long way toward helping you find your flow. 


If you’re looking to improve your routines, you must stay open to receiving advice, Pisces. Discussing your goals with people you trust can help you find solutions you would’ve never considered. Be ready to cherry-pick the best ideas from your loved ones as you design a new schedule to live by this summer. Meanwhile, life could start to feel like it’s speeding up, encouraging you to adjust how you engage with others. Take some time to write down how you’re feeling and how you’d like to show up with more confidence in your interactions. This is a beautiful moment to focus on strengthening your voice without sacrificing your softness.

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