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Columbia Tornado: Videos From I-65 In Maury County Show Damage, Chaos



Tornado in Columbia, Tennessee

Photo : Twitter

Videos from Columbia in Maury County, Tennessee show a massive tornado damaging roads and property, especially on interstate 65 on Wednesday. Residents have been asked to seek shelter immediately. The National Weather Service (NWS) has also issued alerts in nearby Williamson, Eagleville and Franklin Counties.

Videos posted by locals show property and road damage on I-65. In the Cliff White area, trucks flipped and several trees were uprooted.


Residents and storm chasers posted videos of the tornado on X, platform formerly known as Twitter. “Intensity guidance of the Columbia, TN tornado that just occurred. It suggests roughly mid-range EF4 intensity, with the range possibly somewhere in between 175-195 mph (pending NWS surveys). This is an estimation, not an official rating,” one person said.

“Large tornado just developed at the fire cam station in Columbia, TN,” another one added.

The NWS had declared a tornado emergency in the area after a massive twister was seen heading towards Spring Hill, Chapel Hill and Eagleville.

Earlier in the day, authorities confirmed that one person was killed in Tennessee’s Claiborne County. A tree fell onto their car amid intense storms. The person has not been identified. A mobile home park in Pavilion Township in Kalamazoo County, Michigan was struck by a tornado on Tuesday. Fifteen to 20 people had minor injuries and were transported to two area hospitals.

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