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Fitness Model Brianna Garcia Blasts Houston Airbnb Owners For Checking Cameras ‘Very Often,’ Having Too Many House Rules



(Photo: Instagram/ @baby_briiiannaa)

Fitness model and influencer Brianna Garcia posted a video Wednesday on TikTok recounting her unpleasant experience of staying at a Houston-based Airbnb facility. In the video, Garcia hit out at the owners of the townhome in Houston for checking their cameras often and having too many house rules for guests.

Garcia complained that the owners asked her “about 20 different questions” when she enquired about the townhouse. She revealed that the owners handed her a long list of rules, which specified when she could play music and how many guests she could have over. They also allegedly told her that they check the camera’s very often. Although Garcia found the townhome “beautiful,” her experience was spoiled by the owners.

“Count your freakin’ days Airbnb…count your days,” she said in the video. “There is a reason why y’all are not doing well and people are going back to hotels.”

In the video, Garcia is seen inside the Houston-based Airbnb facility explaining the problems she faced to her 113,000 followers on TikTok. Apart from the owner interference, Garcia also allegedly found that the garage door of the home was not working, and the power of the building was out when she reached.

“And I get here, the first night, the garage door that I park my car in is broken,” she says in the video. “It doesn’t close all the way. So now, me, a single girl, renting a townhome by myself- anyone can just walk in the garage.”

“It’s Wednesday, middle of the work day, and the power is out. The power is out,” she is seen explaining in the video, while switching on an kitchen light that doesn’t come on.

Garcia has more than 370,000 followers on Instagram and over 113,000 followers on TikTok. She also has an OnlyFans account.

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