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Rare Severe Solar Storm To Hit Earth: US Space Weather Center Issues G4 Watch



The US Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a rare Severe (G4) Geomagnetic Storm Watch in anticipation of a powerful solar storm set to strike Earth this weekend. This storm, the first of its magnitude since January 2005, poses significant threats, including the potential for blackouts, disruptions to navigation systems, and interference with high-frequency radios on a global scale.

According to reports from Bloomberg, trans-polar flights connecting Europe, Asia, and North America are expected to be rerouted to mitigate radiation exposure for passengers and crew members.

“This level of watch is exceedingly uncommon,” stated the Space Weather Prediction Center, underscoring the severity and rarity of the impending solar event.

As the planet braces for a series of solar energy waves, a heightened state of alert has been declared.

Predictions indicate that five eruptions of material from the sun’s atmosphere will begin late on Friday and continue through Sunday. The true intensity of the storm will only be determined approximately 60 to 90 minutes before it reaches Earth, as satellites monitor incoming bursts of energy, as reported by Bloomberg.

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