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Who Is Kashaan Parks? Bronx Rape Suspect Identified By NYPD



Kashaan Parks has been identified as the man caught on camera assaulting and raping a woman between two cars on a Bronx street last week. According to NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny, the 39-year-old suspect has a history of five prior arrests. While a video purportedly showing the suspect’s capture by locals has surfaced on social media, its authenticity remains unconfirmed, and authorities have said that he is still on the run.

The incident took place near 152nd Street and Third Avenue on May 1. CCTV footage showed the 45-year-old victim walking down the street when the masked assailant approached from behind. He then used a belt to strangle her and render her unconscious. The suspect then dragged her several feet along the sidewalk and into the street, where he proceeded to rape her.

The video of the incident was initially circulated on WhatsApp before it went viral on other social media platforms.

“There is a report on file for sexual assault in the vicinity of East 152 Street and 3rd Avenue within the confines of 40 Precinct,” an NYPD spokesperson told Fox News Digital. “The report states that an unknown male followed a 45-year-old female victim and placed a belt around the victim’s neck, causing unconsciousness.”

In a press conference Friday, Chief Kenny said that the perpetrator and victim knew each other and that a potential prostitution arrangement might have led to the incident.

“They were with each other earlier in the evening. There may have been a promise of sex for money. We’re still working that out,” Kenny said.

The department’s Special Victims Unit was investigating the incident. Authorities have asked anyone with any information on the suspect to contact NYPD Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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