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US campus protests live updates: Police rip down barricades and break down protest camp at UCLA – BBC News



Copyright: Reuters

Police are gradually breaking down the UCLA encampment.

They have pushed forward into the camp around 20 metres on one side, using flash bangs to disrupt as they go.

Now a line of police is facing off against protestors from the encampment, who are all linking arms and attempting to prevent officers from moving forward.

As of 04:30 local time (12:30 BST), the camp is surrounded on all sides by police.

Protestors are clearly getting more agitated as they realise police have managed to break down their barricades, but seem to intend to hold out as long as they can.

The demonstrators were clearly getting ready for this moment during the day.

Protestors with megaphones inside the encampment are shouting instructions to each other, warning people to use goggles and headgear.

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